5 Reasons why Personalised Learning Benefits Your Students

Personalised learning is an educational approach where each student receives a personalised and customised education that aligns and caters their strengths, needs, skills, and interests. Personalised learning comes with many benefits, like increasing student engagement, memory retention, motivation and many more!

5 Reasons why Personalised Learning Benefits Your Students

Most educators can agree that personalized learning is one of the best ways for facilitating the learning efficiency of students. When a student is given personalized direction and attention that is catered for their needs of learning, they are able to understand and retain the right knowledge much faster. Essentially, by making teaching more personalized, it creates the optimum environment for a student to gain knowledge.

What exactly is Personalised Learning Education?

Personalized learning is an educational approach that aims to customize the learning path according to one's strengths, needs, skills, and interests. Every student gets individualized learning plans and guidance based on essentially two things:

  1. What they know;By getting a good sight of what a student already knows, it eliminates the time and effort needed to go over the information that they are already familiar with.
  2. How they learn best;Every brain functions differently, and hence the optimum way for students to retain and learn information would also vary. By knowing how students learn best, the number of hands-on practices or information delivery per session may vary.

The key reasons why Personalised Learning Education works

  1. Increases engagementA learner is more likely to interact with, and remember content that targets their current role, projects, or area of work.
  2. Improves knowledge retentionWhen content is based on previous experience, the learner will retain that information for a much longer period of time. Personalized learning connects pieces of information together like a puzzle, with each piece supporting each other to intertwine the information, the learner will be able to better recall information by linking it to existing knowledge.
  3. Improves learning resultsStudies have shown that a Personalised Learning approach yields better learning results as it provides learning with content that is relevant, engaging, actionable, and memorable. The end result is a learner who is pleased with their interaction with the material and is better at their job.
  4. Increased motivationLearning that is connected to something relevant, be it the learner, their job, or their hobbies will increase motivation for the learner.
  5. High efficiencyPersonalized learning reduces the time taken for a learner to engage with and understand a new subject, and removes content that would be irrelevant or redundant due to the experience level of the learner

How AI has helped Personalised Learning Education

The two biggest components of a successful personalized learning program are

  1. Data
  2. AI through Machine Learning

By using data, an organization can teach AI to recognize patterns, make connections between information and knowledge, and provide the correct information at the right time to the user.