3 Reasons why coding is important for High School Students

Teaching students to code introduces them to logical thinking, as well as fostering creativity and problem-solving skills. It encourages experimentation, develops persistence and promotes collaboration.

At all secondary schools around the world, there is a graduating criteria to show that a student has a certain level of proficiency in certain subjects. These subjects typically include mandatory languages, mathematics and sciences, and are mandatory for reasons that most occupations and tertiary educational programs require this set of knowledge. With the coming of age in technology and computer advancements, there is a push that Computer Science should also be part of a students' learning pathway as it is knowledge will help them better adapt and succeed in future scenarios.

Benefits of Students Learning to Code

  1. Introduces logical and critical thinkingOne of the major benefits of programming is that it strengthens critical thinking by utilising the exact same process. Coders must go through the process of trial and error until reaching the solution. By this, students will be learning the patterns and steps of critical thinking.
  2. Fosters creativity and problem solving skillsIn coding, multiple attempts made to solve an issue is common, it helps the student learn to try various techniques and a combination of their existing knowledge until the solution is achieved. Coding encourages students to maintain the mindset that there may be another way to reach the desired solution. This perspective can easily be carried into other subjects and with other people for a more accepting and open mind.
  3. Societal BenefitOur Technologically driven economic structure requires individuals that are fluent and confident in the language of coding. As coding is the basis of anything that has to do with technology, having this skill is useful to most jobs.

Aside from these listed, there are countless other benefits. But perhaps, one of the most important reasons to integrate coding and computer science into secondary school curriculum, is to eliminate gender-based biases and economic equality gaps. Students need to be aware that coding is not a gender specific thing, and the education system needs to provide students with the opportunity to study coding in school, not just as an after school enrichment program for those who can afford it.

Why Teachers should learn to Code

Teachers, although hold a different status in the classroom, are also students who never stop learning, and learning to code is no different. Being able to code and understanding the logical approach behind it can allow teachers to "think differently" when it comes to a teaching new material, which ultimately benefits your students to better understanding new concepts. Moreover, there are many personal benefits that come with learning to code in Continuing Professional Development (CPD) session.